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The Women’s March organization has been dismantled due to complaints of anti-semitism. 

Angie Beem, a Spokane Valley resident and board president for the Women’s March Washington has made an announcement, three years back, in Spokane, that they are dissolving . She helped organize the march in Spokane the last year and made an unsuccessful bid for City Council this Fall.

“It’s heartbreaking, but we know it’s something we can never go back to. Whenever one creates something to be a resource for people in their lives, it’s really difficult to walk away from it.” said Beem. 

“I want nothing to do with Farrakhan.” Beem made this powerful statement after she announced in a recent Facebook post that her state organization is no longer associated with its sister (and Nation of Islam leader) organization in DC because of their strict association with Louis Farakkhan, who has openly made antisemitic statements in the past.

The decision was not easy for Beem; she helped organize marches in Spokane during 2017’s big event held here and later went on to unsuccessfully run for city council to represent the division she grew up in. But “as much as I respect all their work long-term, I can’t be part of this particular organization anymore because of their ties to him [Farakkhan],” she stated.

The association’s statewide organizers are also concerned about some leaders’ finances and what they regarded as a “fame-hungry” attitude.

The Women’s March has made waves in the past year and has inspired many in the political community to get involved. From school board to city council, The March has inspired women to empower. 

“If we can’t talk to each other, we can’t move forward,” Beem added. 

While women have marched for women’s rights before, the 2017 march was the first mass protest of the Trump administration. On January 21, 2017, the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, women came out under the Women’s March banner.  There were at least 617 rallies planned in the United States and abroad in protest of Donald Trump’s presidency, according to The Washington Post .

Millions have taken to the streets accusing some of Trump’s statements during the 2016 election campaign of being anti – women and human rights abuses. It was the largest one-day protest in US history and steamed live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

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