How to Enable Two Step Verification on LinkedIn


The percentage of cyber threats and hacks are increased in recent years. Hackers can track your online passwords using spyware or other malicious tools and access the account details even without your knowledge. They can check your emails, read and respond to social media messages, and do anything with your accounts. I need not say that it will affect your credibility and business reputation. But it is the real fact.

Most of the websites now apply two-step verification in order to confirm your identity and secure the data. After entering your normal credentials, a second level auto-generated password will be sent to your mobile to make sure that it’s you. Without entering the exact code no one can access your account. It is a great feature to protect your precious details and keep hackers away from them.

Today we’re going discuss how to enable two-step verification on LinkedIn, a popular social network of professionals. Being represented for a business, you should exercise extra caution in handling LinkedIn accounts as any mistake may affect the overall reputation of your company.

Turn on two-step verification on LinkedIn

1. First, Sign in to your LinkedIn account and click the profile picture from the top menu bar. Choose the ‘Settings & Privacy’ option from the submenu.


2. Now you will get Login & Security settings on the top. Choose and click ‘Two-step verification’ from it.

LinkedIn Two Step Verification

If your mobile number is not yet added to the account, you need to do it first.

3. Select your country from the drop-down list. Enter the mobile number that you want to add for two-step verification in the second box.


Enter your password in the pop-up box and click the ‘Send code’ button to get your verification code. You will receive a six-digit number in the message inbox soon.

Type the code in the text box of your LinkedIn screen. Once you submitted, the mobile number will be added to your LinkedIn account which you can use for two-step verification, password resets, etc.

4. Visit the Two-step verification section again.

Two Step Verification linkedin security

Click the’ Turn on’ link to add an extra layer of security to your account. LinkedIn will seek your primary account password again. Enter it and click ‘Done’. Type the verification code you just received as the SMS and tap the ‘Verify’ button to finish the setup process.

That’s it.

The two-step verification is successfully activated on your LinkedIn account. Don’t forget to carry your connected mobile number each time you sign in to LinkedIn from a new device or mobile application.

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