How to Hide Stories from Friends, Pages and Groups in Facebook Home Feed

Facebook shows the latest stories from your friends and liked pages in the home feed. So you will be updated with their new status updates, posts, and pictures right after the login page.

It is the most appreciable feature of the social network. You will be keep updated with the posts of friends and others without visiting their profile or pages. But things will change if you have some annoying friends. Their stories will appear in your home feed one after another. It may be irrelevant status updates, linked posts, photo tags, etc. They will lead you to miss important posts from your close friends’ circle.

You can unfriend a person to stop getting updates from him. But it is not possible always. He may be your boss, colleague, or a close relative. Unfriending in social media will break your entire relations. Thankfully, Facebook allows you to hide story updates of such annoying friends in the news feed.

Hiding Updates from Annoying Friends, Pages, or Groups in Facebook

Sign in to Facebook and visit your home feed. Tap on the down arrow in the top right corner of an annoying story. A small box will open with related settings.

Click on the unfollow option. Now you will get the following message.

unfollow friends facebook

You are successfully unsubscribed from a friend without knowing him. Click on Newsfeed preferences to further customize the feed. A popup box will open with options to prioritize, unfollow, and reconnect people and discover new pages that match your interests. Choose ‘Unfollow people to hide their posts’ to get the list of your friends, groups, and pages you belong to.

Click on the respective profile pictures to unsubscribe from their future posts. After selection, click the ‘Done’ button.

Alternatively, you can visit the profile of a user, page, or group to individually unfollow them.

Tap the Following button. A small box will open and choose the Unfollow option to proceed.

To turn off updates from a page, visit it and tap the Following button.

Click on Unfollow to hide stories from that page in your newsfeed. 

That’s it.

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